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How to Protect Your Dog’s Hearing

Actually, we can be subjected to a wide range of sounds throughout the day from lawn mowers, trains, planes, earth-moving equipment, thunder, sirens, gunshots, music, as well as many other types of sounds. In fact, our pet also can be exposed to some of these sounds. They can hurt your pet’s ears. That’s why your dog needs hearing protection. But, don’t worry. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices for dog hearing protection. Let’s take a look at this writing for a few simple precautions.

Hearing Protection for Dogs

There are a lot of choices for your dog when it comes to hearing “muffs” for dogs. They can help to protect your dog’s hearing. Also, they can be able to prevent losing permanent hearing. Here is one of them:

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs

This is considered as an essential device for protecting the dog’s hearing. They are available in many colors including black, red, pink, or blue. Also, they offer many sizes from extra-small to X-Large. They come with the head straps that purpose to protect your dog’s hearing. Moreover, it has side ear muffs for the comfort of your dog. Especially, this device is lightweight just at eight ounces. Its design is suitable for your dog’s head. Actually, this unit is a passive and noise reduction device. Many customers choose this device because of its one-year limited warranty.

Sizes of Mutt Muff Hearing Protectors

Sure your dog will get all sizes and shapes when it comes to Mutt Hearing Protectors. But, they are not considered as a “one size fits all” solution due to these differences in sizes. But, coming in five sizes, they make your dog comfortable. Looking at the following chart for a good overview of the sizes:

It’s essential to measure the circumference of the head in order to ensure a good fit for the dog. In addition, you also need to determine properly the weight of the dog. Then, choose the right one basing on the chart above. If you choose one with the wrong size, it can lose the sound reduction. Besides, once your dog needs a custom fit, it’s time to contact Mutt Muff’s customer service.

Hearing Ranges in Dogs

Most people know that dogs can be capable of hearing sounds at much higher frequencies than people. The fact is that humans can be able to hear around the 2000Hz range, while dogs can hear around 8000Hz. At each of these extreme ranges, your dog’s hearing becomes more sensitive.

Measures of Sound Volumes

Volumes of sounds are shown by measures in decibels. This is also one way that allows you to determine to be damaging to hearing. See the following chart for a lot of sounds and their decibel (dB) level. You need to know that any sounds over 90 to 100 dB can cause hearing loss.

According to numerous studies, the death of hearing can happen with exposure to sounds in the 180dB range. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the sounds your dog has to be exposed to in a lot of situations.

Acoustic Reflex

You also need to understand the acoustic reflex. This normally occurs for about 50 milliseconds from the beginning of the loud noise. Think about impulse noise regarding of acoustic reflex. Impulse noise offers a difference such as a sustained noise of a lawnmower. This noise can be able to increase as well as reach its peak faster than the acoustic reflex. It can damage the middle ear muscles and the tiny hair cells in the ear. Keep in mind that once the noise is above 130dB, it can end up in an immediate hearing loss.

Dogs Hearing Protection Benefits

Like people, dogs also need the hearing protection. And, if this sense is gone, sure it will never come back. As a result, your dog will face permanent hearing loss. So, it’s important to keep your dog’s hearing good. This is especially essential for dogs who are working dogs in the police or military forces.

Indeed, these dogs have to be exposed to gunshots on a frequent basis. Also, this is essential for ones who are next to construction zones. In fact, it’s easy to see pathological risks for those who have to be exposed to long periods of the sustained nose.

In addition, it’s a mistake when you choose inner ear plugs for dogs. Also, avoid using the rubber and metals in the inner earplugs for dogs. Indeed, they can affect the nature of the dog.


As a pet owner, you want to keep your fur friend happy, healthy, and ready to go on the next excursion. One of the best essential things you need to do protect their hearing. Make sure you keep your four-legged companions safe and protect them from all harm. Protect them from a large frequency of loud noises. Just by this way, you can keep their hearing in good order for the lifetime.