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How to Train an American Bulldog Puppy

American Bulldogs are one of the smartest as well as intelligent dog breeds on the market today. These dogs are very adaptive. Moreover, they also have a strong personality. That’s why these dogs are a trainer’s delight. Compared to other breeds, these dogs can be able to learn new tricks faster. If you want to train them, you will have to take times. Check out this article to get few training tricks & tips.

Teach Your American Bulldog Tricks

Divide The Trick Into Steps

The best method to get started is breaking down the entire trick into multiple steps. It’s best to teach him to sit down and stay there first. Then, you can train your dog by teaching him to stay at the spot for a short time. Of course, you will be able to teach staying for a longer duration.

You can control your dog’s aggressive behavior especially when he is playing in the mood by teaching him the down trick. It will be better when you using other tricks as drop and stay.

Command Consistency

You have to keep commands consistent. This way purposes to make him remember it. As a result, he won’t be confused with other ones. For the best result, you should use the same word for a particular command. This way helps him not to confuse and take longer to perfect it. It’s best to always stick to one word.

Once Is Enough

Avoid repeating your command one more time. It’s best to say it once. Then, continue to teach him the behavior. In fact, if you do the mistake multiple times, your dog may not listen to it. So, it’s important to care for properly during the initial training period.

Using Treats

When you train your Bulldog, it isn’t a secret when using treats. Sure, your dog will remember this effective way forever. Don’t forget to encourage your dog’s good behavior. In addition, it’s also important to use the command word ‘Sit’ so that he can remember that he must sit down immediately.

Keep Practicing

If you want to perfect the command as well as make him remember them, you need to require him to repeat the practice. For the beginning, it’s important to do it several times daily. Of course, your dog will know what he needs to do once you say the command word over time.

Short Interval Training

This is a great method. It helps to limit the training period too short intervals. Indeed, your dog doesn’t want to be kept in one place for a long time. Even, he may get bored and come out due to this. So, don’t let the training sessions occur over 15 minutes mark.

Try Different Tricks

One of the most effective tricks you should do is changing your tricks during the training sessions. It’s wrong if you use the same trick throughout 15 minutes of training. It’s best to repeat a trick for about five times and not more. We recommend you to switch to at least 2-3 tricks when training.

Finish Happy

Your dog’s favorite tricks need to be kept for the last session. By this way, you can make him happy with all the praise, love, as well as petting from you. So, his mood will be fresh and energetic. This is ready for the next upcoming training session.

House Training Your American Bulldog

The best time is puppyhood

For the beginning, you need to approach your American bulldog properly. Do this as soon as you bring him home. In fact, it’s really important to teach your dog good habits during the puppyhood.

Keeping him in restricted area

This is one of the most important rules of house training. To do this, you should use a crate or leash, especially when you have a storage space. This way allows you to monitor your dog. When it comes to a crate for your dog, ensure to buy a spacious crate so that he can easily sit, stand up, and turn around.

Take him out frequently

It’s bad to hold a 2-3 month dog for long. Instead, you should take him out at least in every 1-2 hours. It’s best to wait for 3 months to train your dog. We recommend you to take your dog to the same spot in the yard. Then, he will remember this area. This way allows you to approach perfectly.

Maintain and follow a strict schedule

This is very important for house training. Feed him on time to be consistent with your house training. Thus, it’s essential to be consistent. Just by this, you can complete all your hard work. This also helps your dog not to be confused about what he needs to do.

Avoid Negative Reinforcement

If your dog pees all over the house, don’t get frustrated. This may be considered as a negative reinforcement. You will make it worse if you shout on his face as well as pull the leash to force him. During this process, it’s important to be patient.

Patience Is the Key

The fact is that you can’t train your dog in only a month as you assumed. Depending on the dog you get, you may teach him fast or slowly. So, you need to be patient. Indeed, you may have to spend 6-8 months for house training. The thing you should do is giving your dog the time and love. Of course, everything will be Ok!

Hopefully, these tips are useful for you. All of them are the best. Let’s consider and follow them for the best result. So, don’t stop your training to your dog.