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Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet

What a pity it is that people bring home an animal to make it their loved one, but after a few years when it is not able to perform adequately because of some kind of disease or even old age, they leave it stray. Even if it stays in the house, it does not get the stipulated love and care that could make its later part of life merrier and cheerful.

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Now you may wonder that while I was going to buy a puppy, why I should purchase an elder dog, which I don’t know would be compatible to the surroundings I live and face, and would it ever get accustomed to the upbringing which I could give a younger breed. Your concern may be correct, but only up to a negligible extent since an elder dog or a senior dog could acquire all the properties of a younger dog if it is given proper love and care. As the popular saying goes, ‘it is your attitude that decides who becomes your friend and who turns out to be a foe’, similar is the case with the pets. It’s your character that would get reflected from the behavior, your dog shows.

Here are some of the benefits that you could derive by adopting a pet that has reached equal to or more than half of its stipulated age:

Senior pet is equivalent to negligible mischief:

Often you might have come across incidences when your pet dog has made its mind to chase a car or a cat or a stray animal on the road. You would also encounter it digging holes in the mud, eating out any leftover item which could be hazardous, jumping over fences and hedges or even snarling and growling at people, strangers or known. All these are inborn qualities of dogs that do not leave it easily or rather do not leave it ever. You would not want yourself to run after your dog at slight moments or your neighbors to bring complaints about your pet. Therefore, a senior pet could be a much better choice in the regards.

Older dogs follow commands in a trice:

You would be surprised to see that in comparison to a young dog, your older dog is far more obedient as it might has been accustomed to the family of human beings before, or even if it is a stray one, it would, by its prior experience, might know how to behave well in front of humans. All these show that elder dogs have knowledge to the human class as throughout their age, they would have dealt with some or the other kind of people.

An old dog could be as good as a new one in learning new things:

There is a popular aphorism in the society of human beings that you cannot teach new tricks to an old dog. Contrary to the statement, researches and studies have shown that old dogs could be better in learning new tricks as they have the better ability to understand the world of human beings. They also follow what is said to them rather quickly. Therefore, the popular belief might not be that good while you deal with a senior dog.

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Seeing is believing:

While you are concerned for your puppy that is changing the color of its skin in its growth and not offering the same health results on maturity, an elder dog would show no such conditions. Whatever it shows from outside, it would also be same from inside. If you are adopting a senior pet from some prior owner, make sure to get the details about its health and food habits so that, while it faces a new environment in a new place, it does not get deficiencies in its food and health.

Senior pets are great for senior citizens:

If you have a senior citizen in your house or you yourself are leading a life after retirement, these senior pets such as dogs and cats could be utmost companions to you. These pets would offer no troubles to them and in turn, that matching level of age would probably offer them a better understanding between them. They would repeatedly hear the same stories time and again without getting bored and would offer you the peace and serenity you deserve.

Your strolls could be better planned:

A stroll means a leisurely walk and you would not like to turn this leisure to a violent run, when your dog starts chasing some other dog or cat or a vehicle etc. A young dog is more likely to offer these sort of activities in comparison to an elder dog that walks with the matched pace and is far from any kind of disobedience.

Senior pets show gratitude when you show care for them:

An elder dog or cat will not run away when you are in trouble and always will remain obliged to the kindheartedness you show, while you offer it a better life in your house. In comparison to this, a younger pet might not always remain indebted to its master.

You could emerge as a knight in shining armor in the society:

When you adopt and elder pet and offer to uphold all its responsibilities, you could be considered as a hero or a savior that shows guts and offers kindness to a needy animal, which could have any time met with a mishappening. Saving it and supporting it in your house is a deed of benevolence which would shower you blessings from its heart.

All the points mentioned above, come to a common conclusion that senior pets could be a better choice for you and could be as good in the behavior as a young puppy and could be even better. Remember! Each endeavor you make might not earn you money or ephemeral physical items but could offer you long-lasting love and affection accompanied with blessings from a creature that could not even speak to show its gratitude.